Banking on blockchain fund

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Banking on blockchain fund

Based on Blockchain Fund by EDA

Blockchain Investment Off To A Slow Start In 2016. BnL, switched to ETH mining and they work fine. BB Funds parent company EDA has become a knowledge leader in

FinTech and blockchain space. Investment focus includes blockchain infrastructure builders. The BB Fund is targeting a minimum of 50 million for the first closure in Q4 2017 from a limited number of accredited investors. Eda, the smartmoney company of former IND Group founders has partnered up wit h the Banking on Blockchain Fund to fuel investments and facilitate banking use. And the Fund has an additional 20m in softcommitments from financial institutions so far. The BB Funds main investment focus will be on the European market. With the blockchain space dominated by large global banks and VC firms. We see plenty of really exciting initiatives around blockchain and a lot of new approaches to this revolutionary technology. The demand for financial technologies on the emerging unbanked markets starting with Asia and further expansion to Africa. Has been appointed as CFO for the new BB Fund 2017, the Fund will invest in fintech and blockchain companies by acquiring and holding equity andor tokens. Also read, individuals and bulge bracket investment banks like. Eda meanwhile has committed 5 million to the fund. Looking for expansion into emerging markets.

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